Soldier’s Wish List


Current magazines

Games (hand held, electronic, board)

Playing cards, Rulebook (According to Hoyle)

Silly putty, Yoyo, Squirt guns

Sports equipment (new or gently used) (*Footballs, baseballs, soccer balls, basketball, table tennis
equipment, Nerf® toys)

MP3 players, DVDs, CDs

Paperback books

Puzzles (crossword, sudoku, word search)

Writing paper, envelopes (no stamps)

Pens, markers, colored pencils, crayons

Comic Books, Coloring Books

Mini Darts & Board or Basketball & Hoop

Model car, airplane kits with glue, paint & brushes

Stress relieving toys


Beef jerky, Slim Jim®


Microwave popcorn

Peanutbutter (plastic containers only)

Jelly (plastic squeezable containers)

Sandwich spreads

Breakfast, Granola Bars, Energy Bars

Snack cakes


Chips, Pretzels

Sunflower seeds

Dried Fruit, Raisins, Craisins®


Candy, Gum

Pop tarts

Presweetened powdered drinks (lemonade,
Kool-ade®, Hot Chocolate, Coffee, Tea)

Easy Mac®

Turkey, Tuna, Chicken (in re-sealable foil bags)

Cup-a-Soup® (no pork)

Velveeta® Cheese


White cotton socks (new)

Baby wipes, Cotton wash clothes, Loofah

Disposable razors (two or more blades)

Razor & refills

Shaving cream (non pressurized)

Shampoo & Conditioner (travel size)

Body wash, Soap


Sanitary napkins, tampons


Hand Sanitizer

Foot powder

Baby powder

Toilet paper

Shower flip-flops

Chapstick®, lip balm

Sun screen

Nail Clippers, Tweezers, File

Comb & Pic (new)


Small stuffed toys*

AT&T International phone cards (Verify the card can
be used FROM the mideast TO the USA)

Disposable cameras

Ziploc® storage bags (all sizes)

Flash lights

Batteries (all sizes)

Small fans, mist fans

Small microwavable bowls

* These should be small enough for soldiers to carry in their packs. Toys are shared with the local children.


All items donated should be NEW and preferably in the original manufacturer’s packaging unless otherwise noted.

Please avoid glass containers.

Please avoid large “economy” sized items. Foodstuffs packaged for individual portions and travel size toiletries are more convenient.

Resealable plastic containers are a plus.

We cannot send alcohol, pork products, X-rated material or
pressurized items.