Yellow Ribbon Support Center is a group of volunteers supporting troops serving in harm’s way and remembering those who did not walk off the plane. Through our alliance with our charter partners, we identify resources for returning vets in finding jobs.

Yellow Ribbon Support Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We accept donations of items useful to our troops (see our Soldiers’ Wish List) and contributions (postage, scholarships, operations etc.).


Support the men and women serving in harm’s way…

Yellow Ribbon Support Center sends care packages to any military individuals serving in harm’s way, to offer a little bit of home comfort and to let them know we appreciate what they are doing for us. Our packages contain items such as snacks, health & beauty aids, books & magazines and other entertainment. (See our soldiers’ wish list.) We also include, when available, what might be the most important of all in every box, letters & notes from folks here at home.

Remembering those who did not walk of the plane…

Yellow Ribbon Support Center presents an annual event to honor and remember local fallen heroes. In April, closest Saturday to the 9th, the “Let Us Never Forget” Scholarship dinner is held. Our past efforts have resulted in numerous scholarships awarded in the memory of fallen heroes. So far we have been able to give over $550,000.00 in post-secondary scholarships with the belief that if they are mentioned one more time they aren’t truly forgotten.

Educate and raise awareness about our troops…

The welfare and news of our troops on the ground serving in harm’s way around the globe are not always part of the media. Yellow Ribbon Support Center volunteers continue to tell their stories to the best of our abilities. You will find us at events, speaking to political representatives, visiting schools, etc. to keep the community aware of the men and women working for American liberty.


Our journey began on April 9, 2004, when SSG Matt Maupin was taken captive by Iraqi insurgents and held in an unknown location. A close-knit community and the determination of the Maupin family to locate their son was the impetus for a massive campaign of sending care packages. In these boxes were a minimum of 10 baseball size pictures of Matt with a sticker on the back that said, “My name is Matt Maupin. Please place me in your bible and prayers can set me free”.

One major accomplishment was the purchase 90 computers with webcams with funds raised by a number of events and donors. The computers were then donated to the United States Army and sent to LSA Anaconda. Some of the computers were to allow those serving at LSA Anaconda to stay in contact with their families back home. Some of the computers were placed in two “Matt Maupin Computer Labs” and the remaining computers were placed in “Matt Maupin Internet Café” so those serving there could further their education while serving. After four long years, Matt’s remains were found March 21, 2008 and returned to his home April 26, 2008 in Clermont County, Ohio.

After Matt was returned to his family, the mission to support soldiers deployed in harm’s way did not falter. There were volunteers to help with the boxing and shipping the boxes to the troop and they were there for the Maupin’s that supported them well beyond the call of duty. There were many prayers from around the world that were said for Matt and the Maupin’s during Matt’s capture and they continue today.

The mission will continue with your support and prayers.

Till they all come home.


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