Sweet Treats for the Troops

Boxes and bins of candy

Another Halloween has come and gone and what to do with all that candy? Bring it to the Yellow Ribbon Support Center! Groups have been collecting Halloween candy and dropping…

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Visiting Our Local Schools

Keith, Teachers & Students

Part of our mission is raising awareness about our troops, reminding people we still have men and women serving in combat. It is easy to forget we are still fighting…

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173rd Airborne Combat Team

How it started: The Yellow Ribbon Support Center started, in 2004, when Keith and Carolyn Maupin were notified by the United States Army that their son, Keith Matthew Maupin (Matt)…

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April 9th Scholarship Program

Cross Display

April 9th Scholarships are awarded to honor the memory of our Fallen Heroes in theater with ties to the Ohio–Kentucky–Indiana Tri-State area. The Yellow Ribbon Support Center has provided funds…

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Matt’s Story

Today marks the fourteen year anniversary of the April 9, 2004 convoy attack that left 3 soldiers KIA, 7 civilian contractor truck drivers KIA, which the remains of one have…

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Soldiers’ Wishlist

ENTERTAINMENT Current magazines Games (hand held, electronic, board) Playing cards, rule book (According to Hoyle) Silly putty, yoyo, squirt guns Sports equipment (new or gently used) (*footballs, baseballs, soccer balls,…

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Care Package Program

The Yellow Ribbon Support Center (YRSC) continues its ongoing mission to send care packages to our military serving in harm’s way through the collection of personal items such as food…

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